Common Questions

How do I get Home Health Care?

• Call A.S.A.P. Home Nurses, Inc at 330-334-7027

• You can also contact your Area Agency on Aging.

Do I qualify for Home Health Care if I have Medicaid?

• Yes, with your Doctor's approval and the need for help with personal care.

What is personal care?

• Assistance with bathing, shampooing, dressing etc.

Does a nurse come to my home?

• Yes, with your Doctor's approval.

Do I qualify for Home Health Care if I have Medicare?

• Yes, with your Doctor's approval, must be homebound, and a skilled need determined by the nurses visit.

What is a skilled need?

• Teaching and instruction of your diagnosis

• Wound care

• I V's

• Diabetic care

• Therapy

• Are just a few skilled needs

Will my Insurance cover me for Home Health Care?

• Yes and No, most insurances go by the Medicare rules so you must check with your Insurance on what is covered."